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  • Max's tattoos (for RP)
  • Sapphire going to tell the guys goodbye
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  • Charming Herve Leger black long sleeve bandage dress
  • Graceful Herve Leger Purple Metallic Dress
  • Charming Herve Leger red keyhole bandage dress
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  • 580.
  • 579. Life In Motion
  • 578. Don't Worry You Are Not Alone
  • 577. Baby, tell me the truth, I need to know.
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  • I painted a picture of the things I wanted most
  • First hometown fight in CZW and the family's coming to watch
  • notice me senpai
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  • ♥ Love is Love♥ No H8!
  • Hannah concert #2
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  • Your lips, they poison my veins and your hips always calling my name. Look at what you did to me. Damn girl, this is typical, typical. Burned out, feeling critical, critical. You're the drug I can't put down and I can't stop. Girl, you make me a criminal.
  • Your days are like pages, the chapters unread. You have to keep turning, your book has no end.
  • I don't know where you're going, but do you got room for one more troubled soul? I don't know where I'm going, but I don't think I'm coming home and I said I'll check in tomorrow if I don't wake up dead. This is the road to ruin.
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  • For my girls
  • Dont upset me right now

  • We get back to your house, my lips your mouth. ~ P R P.
  • This is where we belong. ~ P R P.
  • Then she kisses my scars as she cuts out my heart and she places it right on her sleeve. ~ P R P.
  • Won't someone come and take my heart, and tear it apart. ~ P R P.

  • Pretty words
  • The moment to lie.
  • My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.
  • You have been warned, I'm born to be contrary.